Campo della Corte is a Bed & Breakfast located in Castelpagano.

The old house has been renovated in a style that is in harmony with nature and the environment has greatly increased comfort.

Located in the hills of Sannio, is an ideal place to relax, enjoying the beauty of nature and its fruits.

These features and quality of the service make the Court an ideal place for a holiday.


Mountain forests, meadows and pastures are the backdrop for this lovely place. The untouched nature can make nice and long walks to the old mill between the farms in the country, to discover the many facets of this landscape.


Some stone tools reflect a very early human presence in Castelpagano, presumably already in the Mesolithic. Particularly interesting, as regards the period prehistoric …

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Savor the traditional tastes of this fascinating land, cold meats, cheeses meats and wines. The quality of the products confirmed dall’affluenza of participants in various food and wine events.